About me

In the heart of Södermalm (Sofo) in Stockholm, Mia Blanche has her workshop and boutique which she shares with Anna Svensson, another ceramic artist. 
Creating in ceramic has been her interest for the least twenty years. She used to work as a lawyer, then after having her fourth child, her goal then became, to live a more creative life. After which she decided to spend more time on her great passion for ceramics.  In 2008 she launched Mia Blanche Ceramic and began to grace magazines and other shelves in shops all around Europe, NY and growing. 
Creating in different mediums was always a focus in her life, in the beginning it was mostly in textile. Her ceramics often have a textile influenced pattern and she also uses handmade laces handed down from her grandmother.
Mia loves to bring out the subtle beauty in imperfection, the handmade touch, you see it and you feel it in your hand!
Welcome to the shop and atelier at Åsögatan 159 (close to Renstiernas gata)!

Contact: info@miablanchekeramik.se